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Owned and operated by Christian ministers and ISSA certified personal trainer Gary Artiste and his wife Courtney, G3 Fitness is a one of a kind fitness world. G3 specializes in a "holistic" type training approach  that deals with the spirit, mind, and body. We believe that these three aspects are closely connected and factor into the overall health and wellness of a person and that optimal fitness encompasses the whole man.
While the goal of many fitness programs is to become physically fit, G3 strives to help their clients reach higher levels of wellness so they can enjoy vitality and lasting change. We work with our clients to:
* Expose the root cause of things that may be standing between them and a healthy lifestyle
* Help them identify and establish fitness goals
* Find a suitable individualized fitness program
* Come up with fresh new ideas on health, fitness, and nutrition
* Make lasting lifestyle changes
We offer a wide range of services including:

* One on one training
* Exciting group training
* Life-Changing Fitness challenges
* Virtual training
* Christian centered training
* Nutritional coaching
* Meal Prep
* Grocery Store Tours
* Cooking Lessons
​* Ongoing guidance & support